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Inner Flesh's Piercers have over 6 years of poking experience and are apt to do just about anything you could ask of them.

Extremely clean and sterile, we come to you! Walking into a tattoo or piercing studio (ecspecially for the first time) can be quite overwhelming so we come to you. In your home or wherever else you'd like. We'll come prepared with totally new and autoclaved needles, jewelry, and tools. Your friends and family can watch the process and you can be more relaxed with your surroundings!

Live in the Denver Metro Area and your interested??!!
Email us at or click the spinnin' ring at the bottom of the page

Don't play with guns!!!
(We use NO Stud Guns in our piercings)

YES! It hurts. We're sticking a fuckin' needle through your flesh! Damn!!!
Choose your Pleasure
Your all ready hear, Duh! Want to see where we get our jewelry? (and Links) Our portfolio! General information on all piercings. How to care for that new piercing. Know your rights!!! Our web awards for this site. Tell us what you think...or ask a question!

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